Magnetic Sand Timer

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Add an inspired finishing touch to any room in the house with a little help from our new handmade 1-minute sand timer and you’ll love the unique aesthetic every time you walk through the door. The deep blue, smooth lines and modern look all combine to create a statement piece that sets the tone for the rest of your space.

1pcs Magnet Hourglass Awaglass Hand-blown Timer Desktop image 6

  • A handmade minimalist sand timer that allows you to take your decor in a new direction
  • Add something unique to your home and celebrate the finer things in life
  • A designer timer that’s all about getting the fine details exactly how you want them
  • The 1-minute timer is ideal for when you’re getting truly creative in the kitchen
  • Total 6.7" X 6.3" X 3" - 17cm X 16cm X 7.5cm 




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Package List:
1 * Magnet Hourglass
1 * Wood Base

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