AquaFriar Tongue Drum 6 Inch Steel

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The Best Gift  For Parents. Friends.Children
Steel tongue drum is a musical sculpture that combines the essence of Chinese thousand years of philosophy, religion, culture, art, music, and national studies. It combines modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design. It is a work of art, a musical instrument, and even of your mind mate.


Playability:  Our intuitive layout of notes makes it easy to play.  This is a very playable drum because the notes and combinations of notes (chords) are very familiar to our ears. This drum is great for personal use and also good for collaboration with other musicians.  Pentatonic scales are especially good for beginners.

Design & Sound Characteristics: We offer a handcrafted instrument of beauty rich in sound & sight. The Manastone is designed with a taller chamber & the hole on top resulting in a richer acoustic tone, louder sound & wider range of notes than manufactured steel tongue drums. This full sound resonates with rich harmonic layers & volume that carries indoors & outside & pairs well with a wide variety of instruments. You get the attributes of a larger handpan but in a smaller, more portable & less-expensive instrument. Value meets master craftsmanship.


Packing List: 

1*Steel Tongue Drum 

1*Instruction Manual 

1*Shoulder Drum bag

1 Pair of Drum hammer

1 Set of Note Stickers 

4*Finger Sleeves


Customer Reviews

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Okay drum

Has to be played with drumsticks, cuz when using fingers or the finger pads, all the notes sound the same. So, okay drum, but the company gets a zero rating from me. Didn't inform me it had shipped, and didn't respond to my inquiries.

Fine product

Good quality, well tuned, good sound very happy with this purchase!

Rated /5 based on customer reviews