Wooden Unique Shape AquaFriar Puzzles

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  • 🌳NATURE THEMED PUZZLE SET - Enjoy a relaxing time with this Unique Puzzle! Available in 3 sizes, our wooden jigsaw puzzles are made up of pieces shaped like savannah animals and plants.
  • 🌳Formaldehyde-free Baltic Birchwood, archival quality paper, and a stained and finished protective coat. Keep it for decades, hang it on your wall, or pass it on for others to enjoy.
  • 🌳The puzzle can promote eyes hand coordination, raise focus, patience, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Puzzling, Puzzling, Puzzling you will be puzzling all day long with this brainteaser of a Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • 🌳Looking for a thoughtful birthday or holiday present? These wooden unique jigsaw puzzles are a perfect choice! Give your loved ones hours of entertainment.
  • 🌳100% SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us, we will contact you within 24 hours and solve the problem.

lion puzzles

Each puzzle piece has its own unique shape.

An exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

jigsaw puzzles for adult

To create all these graceful figures, we used a high-precision laser.

If you are looking for creative wooden puzzles with unique shapes, then this is your puzzle!

wooden puzzle

Special material, sturdy and durable, can keep for nearly ten years.

Smooth edges, protect our fingers.


lion puzzle

This is not just a puzzle, it is a wooden puzzle- The legend behind

The huge red sun slowly descends over the hot earth. This is his kingdom, from this rock to the horizon. He is the king here. Just look into his eyes, they are like molten gold. How much wisdom and knowledge in his eyes.

Strength and power are his companions. Because to survive in the African savannah is not easy. He is the King of animals, the Mysterious Lion. His task is to maintain the Circle of Life.

At sunset, life in these harsh lands is just beginning. Lionesses go hunting, laughing in the distance hyenas, shy antelopes run. Slowly steps to a watering rhino, which even a hiding crocodile fears. Loyal friends of Meerkat and Warthog live here and they all have Hakuna Matata.

The wooden puzzle Mysterious Lion is filled with the spirit of Africa. Ornament in the mane of a lion, aboriginal masks, mysterious symbols, woody aromas. And of course the animals and birds themselves. The assembly of the puzzle will turn into an exciting journey to this hot continent.

jigsaw wooden puzzle

Wooden AquaFriar Puzzles -Beautiful artwork

Let your mind wander to tranquil grasslands and verdant forests with these puzzle sets! Every piece of our wooden puzzles has a distinct nature-themed shape, from various types of wildlife to trees and nuts. When finished, they create a breathtakingly beautiful work of art that you can hang in your living room.


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⭐Fair price for this lovely puzzle. Hyper-fast delivered, 8 days between order and delivery. Nice quality, 4-5mm thick, very happy with it!

⭐Got for mummy mom who loves puzzles. It is quite difficult which makes it fun and interesting. 

⭐As described, good quality, fast delivery, after 1 hour. Was fun but unfortunately already finished. Highly recommended!

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Wooden Unique Shape AquaFriar Puzzles


Looks and feels good. Smells burned, though. It's pretty difficult and took us 3+ hours together


Did very well… But we would like something to keep under x nn to move the pieces


best seller for puzzle recommed, great deal


The dinosaur puzzle is normal, all the details on the city. Minus ce those SHCH of application little ones are not Duge kind to triage. You can have Yogo's school. You don't want to go out of here, you know, you know, you don't have to go in there, you know?

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